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Leadership in a World gone Mad:  Creating Degrees of Freedom

This two-day conference will honor Dr. (Rabbi) Ed Friedman at the 20th anniversary of his death on October 31, 1996. The conference will bring together speakers from various fields to address the challenges faced by leaders and all human beings at the start of the 21st century. Some would say this time in history is different for the leaders in our species and others would say leaders are facing the same timeless obstacles always encountered by human beings.

After all, those who aspire to inspire others to think and take action to change, first have to be responsibile for their own differentiation to be effective in an enduring way. And yet this time in history does seem different with leaders facing more highly anxious people and organizations increasingly connected by technology but paradoxically disconnected emotionally. Ed Friedman has alluded to this as a world gone "mad".

He believed madness could be judged by the following criteria: 1) interfering in the relationships of others, 2) unceasingly trying to convert others to their own point of view, and 3) being unable to relate to people who do not agree with them.

This conference will focus on the ways in which differentiation can create degrees of freedom and resilience in a leader affecting all members of a family and all levels of an organization. The perspective of the presenters will be from Dr. Ed Friedman´s leadership ideas, Dr. Murray Bowen´s Family Systems Theory and relevant findings from neuroscience.

Conference Program: Conference Program (html format)